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Written Testimonials

Written Testimonials


This is what other people are saying about us and the Forward Arch Corrective Orthotic.


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Vince – Former U.S. Army Medic

By Mikey Maglinte, Mar 27 2014 01:59AM


I am a former U.S. Army medic. Medical-wise I may have not seen it at all, but I have seen enough. I spent 10 years in the medical field and have never seen a product like yours. It relieved my sciatic nerve pain that I have dealt with ever since 2005. It also fixed various other pains in my body. The very first day that I wore them I had increased energy and I felt like I was 10 years younger. All the other orthotics that I have tried over the years never fixed the problem. They only masked the symptoms. This includes doctor prescribed orthotics. This product really does what it says it will do. You are very good at your job, and really care about fixing the problem and relieving the patient’s pain. You spend the time to make sure that these orthotics really fit me. Maybe you should be wearing the white lab coat? In any case, this product is well worth the investment, which is considerably less than the custom made orthotics that usually do not work. As a bonus, these orthotics have a better warranty than my car. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get out of pain or to anyone who wants to avoid getting the additional pain that advancing age has in store for us.

Vince - Former U.S. Army Medic

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