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Written Testimonials

Written Testimonials


This is what other people are saying about us and the Forward Arch Corrective Orthotic.


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Dan B – Police Officer, California

By Mikey Maglinte, Mar 27 2014 02:07AM


I recently purchased a pair of your orthotics at our local fair. I am a police officer and have struggled with arch pain for years. I am thoroughly impressed with your product and would like to say “Thanks!!”

The orthotic I purchased is a hard plastic material. During the sales presentation you showed me a black insert, which was “more rubbery”. You did not that one available at the time, however you mentioned that after a period of time if I would like to switch to the rubbery/softer version that would not be a problem. After several months, I believe I would be better suited with that one. I need a bit more support and a little more give from the insert. Therefore, please advise me in the process on doing so. Again, I thank you for creating this wonderful product and I look forward to several more pairs and many more years of use!!


Dan B – Police Officer, California

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