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Written Testimonials

Written Testimonials


This is what other people are saying about us and the Forward Arch Corrective Orthotic.


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Bill Gunter & Family, Phoenix, AZ

By Mikey Maglinte, Mar 26 2014 08:34PM

"I just wanted to say thank you for my family's orthotics. I have worked in the law enforcement business for the past 35 years - on my feet - walking and standing for many hours at a time. Your orthotics are great! My wife Leslie is 45 and has had Multiple Sclerosis since 1988. She's had a very hard time walking and being able to stand straight and stable. Since her orthotics, she can walk better and longer and is much more stable with less fatigue. I think they even help with her migraines. I have two daughters, ages 19 and 17. Both have the orthotics and have had less or no back pain, leg problems. Between school and work, the girls are on their feet a lot. All I can say is - for us - they work wonders and would happily recommend your product to many others."

Bill Gunter & Family - Phoenix, AZ

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