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Written Testimonials

Written Testimonials


This is what other people are saying about us and the Forward Arch Corrective Orthotic.


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Aurelie Babbitt, P.T., Mesa, AZ

By Mikey Maglinte, Mar 27 2014 12:19AM

"As a clinical Physical Therapist for 45 years, I have been a strong advocate for the importance of wearing appropriate shoes, especially those with arch supports. I always have worn the shoes I recommended to my patients with good results, however recent left knee surgery and chondromalacia, compounded by osteoarthritis, had not only given me continuous knee pain but low back an thoracic pain as well. The moment I put on your orthotics, my knees and back pain were relieved."

Aurelie Babbitt, P.T. - Mesa, AZ

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