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Written Testimonials

Written Testimonials


This is what other people are saying about us and the Forward Arch Corrective Orthotic.


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By Mikey Maglinte, Jun 29 2014 05:37PM

I have been using these for about 6 years, and cannot recommend them enough.

I was diagnosed with plantar's fasciitis about 8 years ago and tendonitis in my ankles about a year later. Naturally, I went to the pharmacy and tried the over the counter inserts and remedies available there. When those didn't work, I special ordered foam and hard plastic inserts, support socks, silicone arch supports - you name it - from a specialty foot website/shop. Nothing really made things any better. I bought special (read: ugly) shoes designed with my particular foot conditions in mind. I was still in pain after walking just a block or two. My podiatrist was at the point of ordering cortisone injections for me, because of the constant pain. I was hesistant to go that route, but at that point, I was getting desperate...

Then, I came across Forward Arch at the L.A. County Fair. I know what you're thinking. Really? Orthotics the fair? Like, the same place where they sell the Sham-wow & the Slap Chop? Trust me, I was plenty skeptical. But, like I said, I was desperate.

So, I sat down for a fitting. This was important, because a right fit was really important & let me tell you why. They explained to me that tradional orthotics and foam inserts support your "broken" arch. Its in the position that causes pain & it misaligned. The Forward Arch supports your arch in the position that it SHOULD BE IN. The other things are like putting a cast on your broken leg in the broken position, rather than putting it in the position it needs to be to heal itself THEN slapping the cast on it. Duh. Makes sense, right? Yeah.

So, I paid for them and, true to their instructions, it did hurt for the first two weeks or so of use. It is important to build your tolerance to them slowly. Its like trying to run a marathon on your first training run. Not gonna happen. But if you slowly ease into it, your body/feet get used to being in the new, supportive position and over a very short period of time, you start to notice your feet don't hurt as much when you get out of bed first thing in the morning. You can walk more than a block or two without limping. You don't need to ice your feet after walking around the mall.

Now that I've been using them so long, I can't remember what its like to be without them, and luckily, I don't have to. Let me tell you what I can do now that I couldn't before: I can RUN a 5k! I can WALK twice that. Easy. I don't have to worry about ice or stretching or arnica gel. Even better: I don't have to use them everyday anymore. I can wear heels to work (without the orthotics) and not be limping by the time I get home. I just put them in whatever flats/athleticshoes/boots that I can fit them in & I'm good to go.

If you're not sure, just try it. You don't have a lot to lose. I imagine if you're reading this review, you're at the point where you're desperate, too. At most, you have a couple of hundred dollars to lose. At best, you can stop thinking about & experiencing pain that keeps you from doing the things you want to do in your life because it won't be an issue anymore.

Comelona S. - Pasadena, CA

By Mikey Maglinte, Jun 10 2014 12:39AM


I purchased these on 10/23/07 at the Arizona state fair. I had a bunion and hammertoe surgery on both feet this past February and April. I have had constant pain in the bunion area that felt like a sharp rock every time I took a step leaving me unable to walk barefooted. I had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning due to the pain and my lower back was always hurting. When I put the orthotics on at the fair, I immediately had no pain. I have worn them all day long since the fair and have since been able to walk barefooted in the morning without pain. I can tell that my foot posture is already changing. I never thought I would find anything to get rid of the pain. God truly answered my prayers when I found Forward Arch. In three days these orthotics have changed my outlook on life and walking!

Thanks again

Lane – Phoenix, AZ

By Mikey Maglinte, Mar 27 2014 02:07AM


I recently purchased a pair of your orthotics at our local fair. I am a police officer and have struggled with arch pain for years. I am thoroughly impressed with your product and would like to say “Thanks!!”

The orthotic I purchased is a hard plastic material. During the sales presentation you showed me a black insert, which was “more rubbery”. You did not that one available at the time, however you mentioned that after a period of time if I would like to switch to the rubbery/softer version that would not be a problem. After several months, I believe I would be better suited with that one. I need a bit more support and a little more give from the insert. Therefore, please advise me in the process on doing so. Again, I thank you for creating this wonderful product and I look forward to several more pairs and many more years of use!!


Dan B – Police Officer, California

By Mikey Maglinte, Mar 27 2014 02:05AM


I received my forward arches at the Maricopa County fair in Phoenix, AZ. I have cerebral palsy, arthritis, and tendinitis. I wear my forward arches everyday. My back pain is now gone, I no longer have pain between my shoulders. My balance is better. I can now walk in the store without using my mobility cart. The forward arch has given me back my ability to walk without pain.

Thank you

Nyla – Phoenix, AZ

By Mikey Maglinte, Mar 27 2014 02:03AM

Yesterday I attended the Imperial County mid winter fair. The theme this year is “Experience the Magic” which is what I experienced with the sole inserts. I felt the magic of not having to walk with pain every day. Since I can remember I have always had trouble with my feet to the point where the pain controlled me. Sports were just a dream, and doctors only sent me to other doctors. For the first time in a long time when I tried the arches I was able to experience the magic of not having pain in every step. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy the physical activity of walking again.

Ashley – El Centro

By Mikey Maglinte, Mar 27 2014 02:01AM

Hello Daniel,

I have enjoyed tennis all my life but at 68 I was going to hang it up because of foot pain. You saved my (tennis) life.

I still have the usual aches and pains, but not foot pain.

Thanks to you and your FORWARD ARCH.

Your friend

Gary – Leech Lake, Minnesota

By Mikey Maglinte, Mar 27 2014 01:59AM


I am a former U.S. Army medic. Medical-wise I may have not seen it at all, but I have seen enough. I spent 10 years in the medical field and have never seen a product like yours. It relieved my sciatic nerve pain that I have dealt with ever since 2005. It also fixed various other pains in my body. The very first day that I wore them I had increased energy and I felt like I was 10 years younger. All the other orthotics that I have tried over the years never fixed the problem. They only masked the symptoms. This includes doctor prescribed orthotics. This product really does what it says it will do. You are very good at your job, and really care about fixing the problem and relieving the patient’s pain. You spend the time to make sure that these orthotics really fit me. Maybe you should be wearing the white lab coat? In any case, this product is well worth the investment, which is considerably less than the custom made orthotics that usually do not work. As a bonus, these orthotics have a better warranty than my car. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get out of pain or to anyone who wants to avoid getting the additional pain that advancing age has in store for us.

Vince - Former U.S. Army Medic

By Mikey Maglinte, Mar 27 2014 01:55AM

Since I am wearing orthotics fitted for my feet by Daniel Morong at “Forward Arch” I have stopped using my cane.

People that know me well including my wife say my face looks better and is not signaling pain. Also they can see I'm standing taller not bent over.

I'm walking with an improved gait “faster and not walking with shorter extensions of my legs.”

My feet hardly feel anything from the orthotic inserts.

I surely would recommend these orthotics to anyone

Frank Herbert

By Mikey Maglinte, Mar 27 2014 01:39AM

"We want to thank Dan for giving my husband freedom to walk. Jerry has been a type 1 diabetic for 24 years. We work many fairs and Jerry was pretty much confined to our booth. Within seconds of wearing Forward Arch Orthotics, Jerry was walking without pain. Now I can’t keep him in our booth. At night I used to tell Jerry nothing could be as cold as his feet and still be alive. Now his feet are always warm, his circulation has increased thus saving him from an up coming amputation. That word is no longer in our vocabulary. We could go on forever. How does one say thank you for a new life? Thank you, Dan. Thank you, Forward Arch."

Jerry & Charleen Coon

By Mikey Maglinte, Mar 27 2014 01:38AM

"Dear Dan,

I love my orthotics and wear them everyday and they have made my 6 LONG YEARS of foot pain completely go away, after four foot surgeries they are a miracle! Thank you so much in advance for your help in this matter."

Amy - Victorville, CA

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