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This is Debbie Atchison, of Beyond Bodyworks. She is a licensed massage therapist; her work includes massage therapy, shiatsu, and myo-facsial release therapy. She was fitted last year 2011 because she had hip pain, sciatica and neck and shoulder stress. As soon as she stood up she got instant pain relief from her problems. She loved the product so much she is now a distributor in Tuscon, Arizona. Available for in-home therapy.

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This nice lady from Tuscon, Arizona had plantar fasciitis in both feet and was diagnosed with a heel spur in one foot. She had not been able to walk for any extended period of time. We fitted her in our orthotics and she was immediately able to walk 3 miles with no pain.

If you are having problems with your feet, knees, hip or back please check out and let us help you with plantar fasciitis or other foot related problems.


Order Yours Now!!

Order Yours Now!!

This is Clint. He had plantar fasciitis, sciatic & lots of back pain. He bought our innersoles about 2 or 3 years ago. He is now living pain free because of our corrective orthotic arch support. You  can live pain free also by using our corrective orthotics for good feet, knees, hips, and back.

Brenda got fitted for our orthotics six years ago. She bought them three years ago. She is a vendor at the fair and stands on her feet all day on concrete which is causing the problem. She had back pain and was bone on bone on her right knee. She noticed the difference  how her knee and back felt much better from wearing our arch supports.  

If you are having problems with your feet, knees, hip or back please check out our flexible, corrective orthotics and let us help you with plantar fasciitis or other foot related problems.

This is Dick. He and his wife Sandy are vendors at some of the shows we work at. We often find that because vendors are standing around on concrete all day they start to have problems with feet, knees, hips and backs. We get them fitted and they are able to go about there normal days/nights pain free.

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Kristen is a registered nurse over at North West Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. She was having major problems with her foot pain and  heel pain. Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics really came to her rescue and gave her immediate pain relief.

Fix your feet by using our patented, flexible, corrective inserts.

This is a client of ours from Tucson, Arizona. He went to a podiatrist who diagnosed him with  plantar fasciitis. They did surgery on his left foot by cutting the tendons on the bottom of his feet. It did not correct the problem and was very expensive. Forward Arch fitted him in our inserts and he was up and walking pain free instantly. You  can live pain free also by wearing and using our alzner orthotic.

Sandy was a mail order customer that came to visit our booth at the Pima  County Fair. She wanted to thank us and let us know how well she was doing after buying our arch support or shoe inserts. Her problem was she was walking on the sides of her feet. She was developing painful bunions. Our orthotics help relieve the pain associated with bunions straight away and help people like Sandy everyday.

Regina Osbourne has been wearing our orthotics for over three years now. She suffered numerous broken bones in a car accident. Her symptons were back pain, neck pain and headaches. She says our product Seriouly Changed Her Life! Were love to hear the feedback from clients like this and it happens often. What a great job we have getting people out of pain instantly and for good.

Come and change your llfe at

This was John a Police Officer we helped at the Pima County Fair in Arizona. He had Foot Pain, Knee Pain, and Upper & Lower Back Pain. He felt instant relief from these symptoms as soon as he stood up. We actually fit alot of Police, Fireman, Border Patrol, Highway Patrol and Correction Officers. In some cases our orthotics can be a tax write off.

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Gina bought our orthotics last year. She was having heel pain & back pain. She was getting treatment from a doctor. Cortisone injections every couple of months. Once she started wearing our flexible, corrective, orthotics she no longer needed to have the shots. She was able to wear different shoes. She came to find us at the Pima County Fair in Tucson, Arizona to thank Dan Morong for helping her.

If you are having problems with your feet, knees, hip or back please check out and let us help you with plantar fasciitis or other foot related problems.