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The following are excerpts from just a few of the many testimonials we receive about our products. Let our customers tell you how they feel.

Connie_GarciaMy name is Connie Garcia, and I am a Myofascial Release/Crainosacral Therapist. I operate an extremely busy practice in Safford, Arizona. I am also a marathon runner and have been running for over 30 years. I suffer from having flat feet and have always worn some type of arch support or custom made orthotic, with little or no success. I discovered Forward Arch®, while visiting our state fair and was fitted with orthotics that day. The whole concept of orthotics made so much more sense to me after that day. Since, I have worn my orthotics everyday for the past 2 years and after taking a second imprint, I could visibly see the changes my feet have made. I continue to run approximately 60 plus miles per week, without pain. I decided to offer this service and product to my patients and have seen dramatic changes in my patients. One of my patients with cerebral palsy was fitted and since, his gait has much improved. Another diabetic patient of mine found that she had experienced increased circulation to her lower extremities and more stability. My husband, who suffers from low back and neck pain, is also finding relief from his orthotics. One of my post-polio patients was recently fitted, and she was completely excited to feel the difference in her feet, legs, and back. Today, I fitted a patient who has been experiencing chronic knee pain and was told that the only answer would be surgery. After fitting her with the orthotics, she couldn't believe how much better her knee and feet felt. She simply stated, I feel grounded". I am seeing and hearing more and more positive results from the use and recommendation from this custom fit orthotics. I feel blessed to be given this opportunity to help so many people using Forward Arch® orthotics, as they are making such a difference by giving people a better quality of life. Thank you so much for making such an awesome product.

Connie Garcia, MFR Therapist

Gerry_Rose"I have used the Forward Arch for nearly eight years.  It has changed my life.   As a challenged athlete, I was only able to run three miles per day every other day before the Forward Arch.  Even then I needed to wear bandages around both knees as the pain was nearly unbearable.   I first started using the Forward Arch in my walking shoes.  I discovered quickly that all back pain from standing was gone.  At that time I was working the Carlsbad Street Fair.  On site at 4 AM working sometimes until 7 PM, my back would tighten.  Lifting and walking were at best limited.  With the Forward Arch I could have worked another eight hours.  At that point I decided to try them in my running shoes.  The rest is history.   Today I run as many as 50 miles per week.  I have completed 4 marathons, numerous half marathons, 5 K races and one Iron Man 1/2 (73.3 miles.)  Without my Forward Arch inserts this would have been impossible."


Gerry Rose, San Diego

"We want to thank Dan for giving my husband freedom to walk. Jerry has been a type 1 diabetic for 24 years. We work many fairs and Jerry was pretty much confined to our booth. Within seconds of wearing Forward Arch Orthotics, Jerry was walking without pain. Now I can’t keep him in our booth. At night I used to tell Jerry nothing could be as cold as his feet and still be alive. Now his feet are always warm, his circulation has increased thus saving him from an up coming amputation. That word is no longer in our vocabulary. We could go on forever. How does one say thank you for a new life?
Thank you, Dan. Thank you, Forward Arch."

Jerry & Charleen Coon

"Dear Dan,
I love my orthotics and wear them everyday and they have made my 6 LONG YEARS of foot pain completely go away, after four foot surgeries they are a miracle! Thank you so much in advance for your help in this matter."

Amy, Victorville, CA

"I purchased Forward Arch supports at the San Diego County Fair and it has made an incredible difference for me since I started wearing them. I have low arches and I suffered pain in my feet and in the area of my calves for years. Since I have used Forward Arch, I am pain free in those areas. I could feel a sense of relief from the first moment I tried on the arch supports."

Sid Sutton, Solana Beach, CA

"Dan, after years of working next to you at different fairs, I finally tried the orthondics. Because I'm on my feet for 10 to 12 hours a day, it was a miracle that after wearing them for a short time, my pain was gone. Thank you so much. "

Dirk (The Candyman)

"Dear Dan,
Best thing I ever bought. Pain in my legs and knees are gone! Thank you."

Ben, Anaheim, CA

"Dear Dan (Forward Arch),
My wife and I came in to see you at the AV Fair. My wife is in a wheel chair due to neuropathy from her diabetes and a pin in her ankle to help her roll over. She also wears cast orthotics.

I myself have dealt with Huntington Disease for 30 years. We both have balance issues, foot pain and back pain.
My wife tried on your Froward Arch Corrective Orthotics and had immediately pain relief and greatly improved balance and stability. She didn’t need help getting out of the chair! Also, my foot and back pain were gone and after standing on the orthotics the 15 seconds. My shaking and uncontrolled movements had dissipated by 80%! I could walk without feeling like I was going to fall.

Thank you so much for your help."

Dale & Shirley, Lancaster, CA

"Dear Daniel, Marilyn and Jerry,
My husband and I were at the Newport Boat Show, R.I. past fall. We walked by the Forward Arch Booth and decided to stop. Thank Goodness. I was experiencing severe pain in my right foot from Plantar Fasciitis. I had the pain since March, 2009 and it increased over the Summer. The pain was pervasive and caused other pain in my legs, hips and lower back because I was compensating by walking differently.

I am very happy to say that after purchasing the insert, I started having immediate results. Today, my heel is at and 95%. I don’t have lower back pain or other leg/hip pains. Just prior to the Boat Show, a therapist told me that I would have the pain for the rest of my life. I am happy to say that your product proved her wrong. I am planning to stop by and talk to her about your product…so that she can refer others to Forward Arch.

Thank you so much! I am very happy with the Forward Arch, feel lucky that I happened to be across your booth, and believe that the cost of the product was well worth it. Now in the mornings, I can leap to the floor and not worry about excruciating pain jetting from my foot up to my leg. I can go through the day without nagging foot, leg and back pain, which makes life enjoyable again."

Leslie, Weston, MA

"Dear Dan,
 I love my orthotics and wear them everyday and they have made my 6 LONG YEARS of foot pain completely go away, after four foot surgeries they are a miracle!"

Andrew, Victorville, CA

"Dear Dan,
My daughter and I each purchased a pair of your Orthotics at the Del Mar Fair Show. I would have never believed it, my very pronounced limp from the severe fracture of my left foot is 95% gone and my back and hips feel great. I was doing some gardening this morning when I squatted down to pull some weeds. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly realized at the age of 61 that I was squatting, something I haven’t able to do for 15 years or so. Even more amazing was that I was able to get back up without even thinking about it. Thank you very, very much for convincing us to try your product is, at least for us, truly amazing."

William, Temecula, CA

"I saw you at the Ventura County Fair and my husband purchased my inserts for me. The only thing I can say is: OMG OMG OMG OMG.

I now can get up from a chair without any pains in my knees. I put my shoes on in the morning and am pain free all day, thank you so much. This is the greatest invented product ever. I highly recommend this to all who suffer from pain in knees, legs, back and feet. God Bless you both."

Hazel Gastil

"Dan...Been wearing the Forward Arch for a couple of weeks now. The main difference I feel is no back stiffness in the morning. It’s really nice to pop out of bed and go running without 20 minutes of stretching. Thanks for the help."

Bob Skaff

"I was in an auto accident and had a broken ankle. For over 10 years I have tried all types of orthotics. Since I tried the Forward Arch® orthotics, my ankle pain has disappeared. I am a Type 2 diabetic, I have found that Forward Arch® orthotics for diabetics such as myself have been very effective. If you have ongoing knee, hip, back, or shoulder problems, you probably need Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics. Please feel free to call 858-457-8300. We specialize in non-force Chiropractic."

Doctor Cary Wilkins, San Diego

"I insist on fitting all my patients with Forward Arch® orthotics. This is by far the best orthotic technology on the market. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call 619-275-3680."

Doctor Richard Engel, San Diego

"I’m writing to let you know just how much I appreciate your product. It has improved my life I was at a fair when I bought a similar product and I was fitted 4 sizes too small. They caused me so much pain and so many other problems that I had to stop wearing them. Then one day at another fair I tried the Forward Arch corrective orthotic and after being properly fitted the difference was unbelievable. I stood up straight for the first in a long while and my foot pain was gone Thanks a lot!!!"

Dorothy Louis

"Great product. My lower back pain is gone. Dan and Ted know their stuff and care. Thanks guys I feel better than I have in years."

Sam Jarrett

"A little over two years ago I was in a motorcycle accident; I was hit by a construction truck. I had a compound fracture in my femur and my spine had been tweaked out of proportion. I now have a titanium rod in my left femur going from my knee to my hip. About 5 months ago I tried your product and immediately after putting them into my shoes I noticed a tremendous difference in the way I walked. The pain I felt in my leg and knee had gone away completely, and I also began to feel a noticeable difference in my spine. Thank you so much for your product it has been a lifesaver."

Nate Nieto

"As a clinical Physical Therapist for 45 years, I have been a strong advocate for the importance of wearing appropriate shoes, especially those with arch supports. I always have worn the shoes I recommended to my patients with good results, however recent left knee surgery and chondromalacia, compounded by osteoarthritis, had not only given me continuous knee pain but low back an thoracic pain as well. The moment I put on your orthotics, my knees and back pain were relieved."

Aurelie Babbitt, P.T., Mesa, AZ

" I purchased my supports from you at the Del Mar Fairgrounds quite some time ago and to this day they continue providing the level of comfort I had expected. Once again, thanks for helping us. I wish you continued success in the future."

Edgurd Javier

"I just returned from a trip and found that my new refits had arrived while I was gone. I went running in them today and got my best time yet! Thank you, they feel and fit great!"


"At the time I was hobbling, in pain, using a cane...I have been suffering from severe sciatic nerve pain that goes down my low back, down the back of my leg, and under my heel to the bottom of my foot. This is the cause of an injury I suffered in 1970...When I first stood up I was absolutely shocked that I felt no pain in my foot. I also felt my right shoulder pull back and felt as if I had grown 5 or 6 inches in height! He would have had to shoot me in order to take these miracle supports off my feet...It is incredible how I feel no sciatic pain and no low back pain. I just felt you should know this. I am 70 years old."

Nena Whitten, Phoenix, AZ

"I had back problems and an ankle that hurt quite often until I tried the orthotics from Dan and Marilyn. Now I can go all day and night on my feet without back pain and my ankle doesn't hurt anymore. Thanks for the pain-free days!"

Sheryl Girard, Tempe, AZ

"I just wanted to say thank you for my family's orthotics. I have worked in the law enforcement business for the past 35 years - on my feet - walking and standing for many hours at a time. Your orthotics are great! My wife Leslie is 45 and has had Multiple Sclerosis since 1988. She's had a very hard time walking and being able to stand straight and stable. Since her orthotics, she can walk better and longer and is much more stable with less fatigue. I think they even help with her migraines. I have two daughters, ages 19 and 17. Both have the orthotics and have had less or no back pain, leg problems. Between school and work, the girls are on their feet a lot. All I can say is - for us - they work wonders and would happily recommend your product to many others."

Bill Gunter & Family, Phoenix, AZ

"I received my Forward Arch® Orthotics at the Maricopa County Fair in Phoenix AZ. I have Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis and Tendonitis. I wear my Forward Arch® Orthotics every day. My back pain is gone - I no longer have pain between my shoulder and my balance is better. I can now walk in the store instead of using a mobility cart. The Forward Arch® Orthotics have given me back my ability to walk without pain."

Nyla Akre

ruth_buzziWell remembered from "Laugh In" and the "Dean Martin Roast" series, raves about Forward Arch® orthotics.

Ruth Buzzi

jon_provostJon was Timmy on the "Lassie" series appreciates what Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics have done for him.

Jon Provost

Edd_ByrnesFrom "77 Sunset Strip" and "Grease" is another Forward Arch® satisfied customer.

Edd Byrnes

Ken_osmondEddy Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver" is all grown up regards Forward Arch's® orthotics highly.

Ken Osmond

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