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If you are working out at the gym or actively participating in skating, golfing, cycling, hockey, dance or any other activity which applies abnormal weight and concentrated stress to the feet or ankles, orthotics are, and should be, your way of life.


It really doesn't matter whether you are playing golf, bicycling, running, skiing; the initial transfer of energy is nearly always to your feet. Your feet, more than any other part of your body, have the ability to give you that edge to mprove your activity or sport. With the "Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics," you will notice that you will help eliminate pressure points, and previously unworked or unsupported areas - like your arches - will be stabilized and supported.


You may feel an immediate difference in your posture, and your knees and hips will help rotate back into the correct position, all resulting from proper arch support.

Skating in particular is a good example to illustrate the loss of solidity and power caused by pronation (too much weight being transferred to the inside of the foot - thereby flattening the foot). Ice skaters and hockey players spend most of their activity with their weight on their forefoot, and they experience everything from neck pain to arch pain. Wearing "Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics" helps put your body in a perfectly balanced stance. Your foot is placed over an orthotic, helping to take the weight off your heels, pressure off the ball of your foot and freeing up your toes by placing you directly over your arches (muscle structure) supporting them between 4 and 6 degrees. You are constantly flexing your arches, which helps promote improved circulation.


The average person walks over 115,000 miles during their lifetime - that's enough to walk around the world 4 times!

Dancers have common ailments such as knee pain, shin inflammation, heel spurs, Achilles Tendon and arch pain. It is difficult to have the stamina one would like to have when we have developed tired aching feet and ankles.


GOLFERS! Tired of sliding from side to side in your golf shoes? Want better posture, sturdier legs, more arc in that swing? Forward Arch® can help. Tee up here.


RUNNERS! Too much weight being transferred to the inside of your foot? Excessive pronation can really stifle a runner's enthusiasm for his sport. On your mark, see what we have for you.


BICYCLING! Are "hotfoot" or knee pain familiar complaints of yours? Shift gears and take a minute to see how Forward Arch® can help.



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By wearing Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics, you can dramatically decrease or eliminate the effects of these foot ailments.

Alleviate foot discomfort and related symptoms. Regain your foot's balance, alignment and posture. Eliminate future foot problems.